Instant access to
leading data sources

Don’t miss out on using real-time insights in your decision-making

Timely and high-quality data is key to generating and optimizing your forecasts.

With easy access to leading data sources in an always-on dashboard, you can quickly identify the relevant market signals that matter.

Integrated data sources
US & International time series data
Country coverage
Active economic indicators

What you'll gain

Get connected to a comprehensive resource to quickly identify and test leading indicators that could have an impact on your decisions.

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  • On-demand access
    Easily search for and import different economic parameters without ever leaving your forecasts.

  • Seamless integration
    Your internal data matters.
    Easily import your numbers using the built-in Microsoft SQL or Sharepoint integration.

  • Strong, varied data coverage
    Access to a high diversity of industry- and category data across different verticals.

Frequently asked questions

I'm looking for a specific data source that I'd like to access. Would that be possible in Indicio?