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Our customers have seen a minimum of 30% improvement in forecast accuracy
after using Indicio in their forecasting.

Find out how much you can improve your accuracy
Identify your relevant leading indicators
Identify market trend shifts in advance

Trusted by industry leaders

Indicio tells us how our market
will evolve 'without emotions' which aligns everyone from management to production.

Steven Van Poecke, Toyota, customer of Indicio.

Steven Van Poecke

Head of
Market Intelligence
Toyota Material Handling Europe

Instrumental in helping us achieve higher efficiency in a short period of time.

Anders Nordberg, LF Bank, customer of Indicio.

Anders Nordberg

Head of Macro
LF Bank

Indicio advances our digital strategy of becoming a data-driven organization, producing accurate forecasts in a fraction of time.

Alexander Noren, a customer that used Indicio

Alexander Norén

Head of Analysis