Indicio for Demand Planning & Forecasting

Get highly accurate demand planning forecasts and build resilience

Using a combination of statistical models and machine learning, forecast the impact of demand drivers - both internal and external - to improve your forecast accuracy.

By blending demand sensing and forecasting, get visibility into everything from monthly to 18-month planning.

Get more reliable forecasts -
by improving forecast accuracy at every level

What level should you forecast at? At the SKU, product group or market level?

Why not forecast both the demand for a particular product and a market segment?

By using hierarchical forecasting, demand planners can incorporate data and information from multiple levels in the hierarchy to create more accurate, reliable and comprehensive demand forecasts.

Figure out what is driving demand

Many demand planners use only univariate models when forecasting. However, you risk missing the opportunity to discover and incorporate leading indicators into your forecast.

By taking macroeconomic factors into consideration, you get a stronger sense of which outside variables have the most significant impact on demand in each of your markets.

How can you identify the key demand drivers based on your internal data?

By using multivariate models in your forecasting, you can apply a data-driven approach to capture and incorporate the market dynamics into your forecasts.

Anticipate short-term
demand fluctuations

Many demand planning teams rely on sales input to gain insight from the market environment. But what happens when that information does not take demand signals into consideration?

The purpose of adding external indicators is to broaden the forecasting horizon anticipated by demand sensing.

By playing out different scenarios, you get a forecast that responds to real-world events.

Boost forecast accuracy and stability across both product and region level

You've probably noticed that just aggregating your product-group projections does not produce the same results as the overall forecast, resulting in total anticipated sales that do not correspond to your product-level data. 

Indicio enables the reconciliation of every level of your forecast hierarchy using hierarchical forecasting. This ensures all business decisions are aligned and are based on a shared view of future demand.

Contact us and we'll show you how you can improve your forecast accuracy by 40-60% today.

Whether your goal is to increase market share or safeguard against volatility,
the road to making decisions confidently lies in generating accurate forecasts you can trust.

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