Capturing & capitalizing on new trends

New technology development and environmental policies are leading to the proliferation of new automobile variants and a shift towards efficient ways of commuting.

Social trends such as micro-mobility, car-sharing would also drive your next strategic move. But that's only one piece of the puzzle.

What you want is to generate the most accurate forecast that takes not only these social trends, but also both your internal data and macroeconomic variables into consideration.

Increasing your forecast accuracy will put you in the driver's seat to improve your organization's ability to detect and plan for new trends in advance.  

Manage capacity planning efficiently

Key benefits

Capturing & capitalizing
on new trends

Manage capacity planning efficiently

Forecast your market share in a fraction of time

For the financial industry

Build a wide range of statistically-robust, highly accurate forecasts. In minutes.

Instead of data wrangling (everything from cleaning, matching, modeling, and visualization), spend time on gaining the insights you need to drive your investment strategies.

Backed by the latest statistical, AI and machine-learning models, you get access to rigorously trained and back-tested models.

Robust, repeatable forecasting that keep you ahead of market trend shifts.

Image of financial buildings. Indicio supports the financial industry.

Improve your forecast accuracy and meet the future with confidence.

Get access to the models you need in minutes

With advanced modelling tools available, say goodbye to data wrangling - everything from cleaning, matching, modeling & visualization.

With just one click, you'll get statistically robust results that are backed by the latest statistical models that have been rigorously trained and back-tested.

Test different scenarios

Without needing to code, you can test different scenarios that can affect your predictions.

This ability to test "what-if" situations can be very valuable when you suspect a shift in any of your market drivers, and it enables you to observe the direct impact on your forecast.

Guaranteed 30% improvement in forecast accuracy. Bias free.

Powered by the latest econometric, AI and machine-learning statistical models, the automated forecasting platform removes any bias that can factor in a forecast.

It sidesteps over-fitting and anchor bias to provide accurate results unaffected by subjectivity.

Get access to Indicio's powerful all-in-one platform

  • - Leverage on econometric models to capture interdependencies between your leading indicators and their influence on your sales.
  • - Easy to use and seamless team onboarding
  • - Test different scenarios where you suspect a potential shift in your market drivers
  • - Get seamless access to data provided by our integrated data suppliers like FRED, OECD, etc.

Using Indicio, organizations can easily detect the leading indicators driving sales/market development and apply econometric forecast models on the indicators identified. Built for both decision makers and analysts to easily generate forecasts in order to optimize capacity planning.

Contact us and we'll show you how you can improve your forecast accuracy by 40-60% today.

Whether your goal is to increase market share or safeguard against volatility,
the road to making decisions confidently lies in generating accurate forecasts you can trust.

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Get started today and improve your forecast accuracy.

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