Indicio adds Oxford Economics to its library of data vendors

Indicio adds Oxford Economics to its library of data vendors

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September 27, 2022

Indicio adds a new data integration with Oxford Economics, one of the world’s leading independent economic advisory firms, giving market intelligence leaders and analysts instant, real-time access to macroeconomic data and forecasts across industries.

Introducing this data source strengthens the Indicio platform and helps customers unlock more value from their data. Alongside other data providers like Macrobond, Refinitiv, Nasdaq, and FRED, our integration with a market leader like Oxford Economics allows users to take advantage of Oxford Economics’ forecasts and access market-leading indicators that could improve forecast performance significantly.

Oxford Economics helps clients unlock the power of economics to generate positive commercial outcomes.
The integration with Indicio furthers that objective by supporting clients’ ability to leverage their data to inform strategic decision-making for future growth and success.”
Adrian Cooper, CEO, Oxford Economics

Intelligence professionals rely on quality data when optimizing their forecasts. This additional trusted data source will aid them in validating their leading indicators or identifying new, relevant ones to capture market shifts, bringing about agility.

"Helping people improve their forecasting results and make impactful data-driven decisions have always been at the core of Indicio’s mission. Leveraging Oxford Economics’ structural forecasts brings our users one step closer to making better-informed decisions."

Frans Andersen, CEO, Indicio

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