Indicio for Data Analysts

Spend time on gaining insights instead
of data wrangling

Time is a valuable asset when the goal is to extract insights that inform sound decisions. Decisions that move the needle for your organization. Why spend that time on data wrangling (everything from cleaning, matching, modeling, and visualization) when you can do that in just one click?

Backed by the latest statistical models that have been rigorously trained, back-tested, and produces statistically robust results.

Get the insights you need without the heavy lifting.

Get access to the models you need in minutes

Building and testing a myriad of models to determine the best-fitted model is essential to an accurate forecase. Here's an example - it can take domain knowledge and quite a bit of time to write a program that can simulate the rolling window effect.

Automatically test advanced models like VECM, VAR, LSTM and more in minutes.

Minimize the risk of inaccurate forecasts

Minimize the risks associated with selecting and building a less-than-optimal forecast model, which can result in sub-optimal output.

The multivariate models selected in Indicio have been validated as the best-fitting models through rigorous testing. They are scored and ranked accordingly. In that way, you avoid any correlation biases, allows you to skip any trial and error, and most importantly, reduce the risk of generating inaccurate results.

Present results easily and seamlessly

Easily evaluate historical accuracy against the actual outcome, and verify your results. Clear and unambiguous.

Robust and repeatable

Once a good model is built, it is robust and you can easily update it from month to month. 

Contact us and we'll show you how you can improve your forecast accuracy by 40-60% today.

Whether your goal is to increase market share or safeguard against volatility,
the road to making decisions confidently lies in generating accurate forecasts you can trust.

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