Tor Borg and Jonas Ahlander joins F&A Forecasting as Senior Forecasting Advisors

Next generation forecasting technology supplier F&A Forecasting has recently launched Indicio, a fully automated SaaS solution for market- and macroeconomic forecasting. Indicio enables companies and financial institutions to gain data-driven insights of their market- and macroeconomic environment. This optimizes business activities, planning and market strategies.

The first customers have been secured and the Swedish based company has recently partnered with Tor Borg and Jonas Ahlander as Senior Forecasting Advisors in order to provide customers with model expertise and industry specific knowledge.

“It’s a natural step for F&A Forecasting to widen our portfolio of offerings to deliver a more complete service to our customers,” says David Fagersand, CEO of F&A Forecasting.

Jonas has a background as Head of Division for price analysis at the Swedish Riksbank, Head of fixed income at Folksam and Chief FX Strategist at SEB. Jonas is currently advising companies and financial institutions on macroeconomic development.

“The cooperation with F&A provides me with a tool to make advanced statistical modelling in a very efficient way, as a basis for providing macroeconomic analysis to clients. I am confident that the Indicio forecast platform is a supreme solution to make better predictions of both the macroeconomic environment and of company specific market developments”, says Jonas Ahlander.

Tor has a background as Economist at the Swedish Riksbank, Chief economist at SBAB and head of research at JLL. Through his own firm, Borg Research, Tor now provides his expertise in analysis and forecasting of housing markets, including sales, construction and demand.

“Indicio is a very powerful and timesaving forecasting platform. It allows me to do state-of-the-art econometric analysis but does not require a lot of prior knowledge in statistics and mathematics. F&A has developed a tool that will be highly useful for anyone interested in improving their predictions”, says Tor Borg.

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