Indicio for Commercial Operations

Validate your sales and marketing plans with a highly accurate, bias-free forecast

In your existing process, your team might be utilizing the same indicators that you’ve used to determine last year’s sales prognosis.

What if you could integrate your internal sales data, and identify and
incorporate new leading indicators that can help you test and verify your hypotheses, and boost forecast accuracy by doing so?

Your team can quickly determine the influence of these variables on sales success by testing them, and plan accordingly.

Define your market size prognosis

What are your market drivers, how do they align with your plan, and how much market share do you anticipate gaining?

Utilizing a variety of data sources - both economic and technological drivers in Indicio will help you spot potential demand signs, and gather fresh data to support your current estimate.

Get insight into the trajectory of prices and key demand drivers

By taking macroeconomic factors into consideration, you get a stronger sense of which outside variables have the biggest impact on demand in each of your markets.

How can you identify the key demand drivers based on your internal data? Indicio calculates and ranks each explanatory variable according to its causality to your main variable of interest, using partial correlation and lasso regularisation.

Substantiate your sales and marketing plans, and optimize supply accordingly

You've identified your leading indicators and have a forecast baseline mapped out.

By applying Indicio's time-series models, you can easily validate and support your sales and marketing plans.

It will automatically provide you with several univariate models to serve as a benchmark, and determine the best models to use by conducting multivariate analyses.

Contact us and we'll show you how you can improve your forecast accuracy by 40-60% today.

Whether your goal is to increase market share or safeguard against volatility,
the road to making decisions confidently lies in generating accurate forecasts you can trust.

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