Why use Indicio?

Accurate forecasts

Indicio builds upon the latest research in forecast model development

Collaborative environment

Work together in building and reviewing the forecasts

Built for non-statisticians

Indicio is built for decision-makers and analysts with limited knowledge in statistical model building.

Handle adjustments

Handle manual adjustments through follow-up and feedback


All settings are pre-set or automatically chosen based upon your data.

Version control

All data and forecasts are version controlled

How to get started

  1. indicio - how to start - step 1

    Import your data

    You can import data by uploading an Excel-file, connecting to a database, data-feed or one of our data suppliers. Indicio further supports numerous ERP-systems, with whom our support can help you to set up an integration.

  2. indicio - how to start - step 2

    Add indicators

    You can easily add indicators that you think affects the forecasted variable. Indicio will analyze the relationship between the forecasted variable and the suggested indicator and use this relationship in order to increase the accuracy of the forecast.

  3. indicio - how to start - step 3

    Send for review

    When the statistical forecast is set, you can easily send the forecast to colleagues or experts for a review, enabling them to adjust the forecast. All adjustments are analyzed in retrospect in order to give feedback of the quality of historical adjustments to all reviewers.

  4. indicio - how to start - step 4

    Report & Analytics

    In order to allow continuous improvements of forecast methodology, the platform automatically gathers performance of all models applied and qualitative adjustments made on your personal feedback page. Here you will be given customized suggestions on how to improve forecast accuracy. By combining feedback on both qualitative and quantitative aspects of forecasting you will experience a tremendous improvement in both forecast accuracy as well as your personal abilities as a forecaster.

See indicio in action

It's easier to understand the benefits when seeing it live.

If you prefer, we can even demostrate Indicio with your data and benchmark your current models towards it, to give you a feeling of its capabilities.